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Oct 24 2008

Days Off

Chicago Public Schools has a day off today, for teacher inservices.  We’re here.  So far, though, my classes have been less than half full today…  Wow.  My students’ attendance overall has been pretty good; out of my classes of 25-30 students, usually 20-25 are in class.  (The same is not true for the sophomores and juniors.)


I have often wondered if it is acceptable for me to almost hope that sometimes not all of my students are there, so that I can focus on teaching the students that really care and want to be there.  The general response I get when I voice that question aloud is always, “Sarah, of course it’s okay!  You are holding high expectations for the students who are in class!”  True.  But what does that say about my expectations for the students who aren’t as smart, motivated, or behaviorally adept?  Not a whole lot, as far as I can tell…

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  1. Megan

    Kind of reminds me of the argument Mom voiced several times when we were growing up…Hold back the “talented” students because of lack of motivation or abilities in their fellow students, or not do more to push the others to reach what may be their potential. It’s a tough one, Sarah, and I don’t envy you for having to find a medium! Either way, I see pros/cons–after all, that is what I’m good for, haha.

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